If you want your garden to have a unique style and character, to be long-lasting and sustainable, you can work with us. As a landscape architect, I look forward to hearing from you.

Call us and start an exciting journey with us.

First Meetup (No Payment required)

First, we would like to get to know YOU and understand what your vision for your place are.
We would love to get information about the activities you want to include in your garden, the location of your house and the architectural concept. We prefer to hold this meeting in the region where the project will take place.

Site Analysis, Concept Design Meeting (No payment required)

Let’s continue! In this step, we prepare a diagram and concept plan, combining the information and documents we receive from you and the features of the work area.

Design Phase (Payment required)

Now it's time to put the landscape on paper. We make an initial plan of what your garden will look like. In the concept project meeting, we decide on the use of the areas in line with your wishes and make the necessary changes.

Ultimate Landscape Design

We design your final landscape project with all the details to make your dreams come true. We present some 3D landscape printouts so you can foresee your dreams come true.

Cost Estimation

After deciding on the concept design, we make a cost estimation. We offer you the most affordable and high-quality landscape installation cost.

Now your dreams are very close to come true!

Lifetime Follow-up

Goodbyes are sad that’s why we will be always in touch to know how your family is, if your dog is enjoying the new place, and of course to hear about your landscape.

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Softscape & Lawn

We think that soft landscape practices require the most responsibility for a landscape architect. When deciding where to plant a specific plant, we have the skills and background to match the plant's needs and your location. We believe that happy plants create happy and peaceful gardens and allow the residents to enjoy the view for a lifetime.

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There are two important steps to having a beautiful garden! The first is to be well designed. The second is to be well-maintained.

Having a garden you can't maintain, means not only plants dying but also money wasted. In addition, a well-kept garden increases the value of your property.

If you want to work with a professional company, managed by a landscape architect, we look forward to hearing from you.

When you contact us, our team will measure your garden and create a custom program based on your needs. We offer our customers professional care throughout the season, at the right time, with premium products and our experienced staff. All products are pet and environmentally friendly.

Doing our maintenance services at the right time and with our professional staff provides you peace and fun to enjoy your garden and lush green lawns.

We offer free maintenance for one year to our customers for whom we have made a design and landscaping.

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Irrigation systems are the most effective way of taking care of nature, having lush gardens and sustainability.

We have been serving our residential and commercial customers for more than 20 years and our aim has never changed; friendly service and quality results. We are honored to be a landscaping company that can provide irrigation services. With this information, we can easily define the water needs of plants and grass and make an effective irrigation project. Combining irrigation and landscaping projecting and installation offers our customers more economical and faster solutions. In addition to that, having one vendor for all landscaping solutions avoids possible clashes.

Annual maintenance and service are important for the longevity of your sprinkler systems. We are equipped to take care of any upgrades and repairs you may request. In addition to installing systems, we also maintain and improve existing systems. This can be anything from broken irrigation parts to adding a new zone or an updated irrigation timer. There are many useful new technology upgrades that can improve your irrigation system. Call us if you are looking for repairs, coverage improvement, new installation or irrigation system maintenance for your garden.

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Our Projects

At Quant Landscape, cultivating the environment is our life and livelihood. Our number one goal is to help our clients create and maintain beautiful landscapes while reducing the environmental impact. Here are some of our most spiritual and soul-resting projects. To explore and live your dream design in your environment, call us and create your design with our experienced designers.

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